GourmetQuilter Afloat! Quilting Tips & Techniques 136

This video takes you on a tour through my temporary floating studio! We are on a canal boat in the UK, moored in the London area and getting organised to do some more tutorials.


About GourmetQuilter

My name is SusanClaire Mayfield and I live in a delightful old home in the country in New Zealand. I have been quilting for many years and have been designing quilting patterns for a long time now! I love to design and write patterns for quilts and bags and other quilt related items and now have quite a large range.
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14 Responses to GourmetQuilter Afloat! Quilting Tips & Techniques 136

  1. Debra says:

    Glad to see you back posting on U Tube, I will look forward to your tutorials.

  2. Looks like you’re having a great time on the canal boat. Is the boat yours or can they be rented?

  3. What a neat craft space! Look forward to seeing your “floating tutorials!” From the video, it seems you are surrounded by beautiful scenery.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for the great video…………….it looks wonderful there on the canal.

    A follower from the USA………

  5. Indianna says:

    Love your veg basket…very healthy! see you on Friday at the Liberty Talk.

  6. joyplace says:

    Enjoy your time on the boat. Look forward to more tutorials. Enjoy all you have for everyone to watch and learn so much.

  7. Narelle says:

    How adventurous. Are you the “Lock”person? “Sleeping Weasel” what a quaint name for a water vessel. So looking forward to your next tutorial.

  8. Janet McFadden says:

    HI Susan, I loved your video showing the canalboat, and the serenity of the river. Idyllic! The boat was much longer than I expected (I’ve never been on a canalboat) so it must be interesting getting accustomed to living and working within a more confined space than back at home. Hope Royden is also enjoying life on the water. Are you moored in one place for long, or are you moving along the river every few days? Take care. Janet

    • Hi Janet, yes it is interesting confining myself to the boat space! and Royden is living in the studio! We have a permanent mooring but occasionally move around, but if we want electricity we need to be at the mooring as the boat runs with 12volt batteries when we are away.

  9. Peggy says:

    Lovely! Your tutorials are wonderful. I look forward to seeing your canal inspired creations.

    I am currently finishing a tee-shirt quilt using your join as you go method. It is working beautifully on my Featherweight machine. I’m so grateful to you for sharing your work with us.

    Have a lovely holiday!

  10. I love your blog! Greatly enjoyed your video on the canal boat!

  11. Mickey says:

    SusanClaire, I love your tutorials on youtube.. . You and Jenny Doan are my absolute favorite instructors… You are both delightful in your presentations that are so easy to understand. I am so enjoying your accent and mannerisms ,,, I am out here in the desert in Arizona USA.

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