Mystery Quilt Part 4 -That Garden Quilt – Free on-line mystery

oh, I just love a mystery!
This video offers a little encouragement and information about the new free on-line mystery quilt pattern, Part 4, available on This free downloadable pattern will run over 6 months.
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About GourmetQuilter

My name is SusanClaire Mayfield and I live in a delightful old home in the country in New Zealand. I have been quilting for many years and have been designing quilting patterns for a long time now! I love to design and write patterns for quilts and bags and other quilt related items and now have quite a large range.
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4 Responses to Mystery Quilt Part 4 -That Garden Quilt – Free on-line mystery

  1. Have my part 1-4 printed out…I am terrible with a Mystery..I want to see it come together before I commit fabric. I love this so much it is now “ON ” my list…right behind “that shoulder bag” . (I have to weed the real garden today though, as it keeps growing out of control. I like your Garden anology much better. I would much rather be sewing. Yesterday at a quilt show, I bought fusible paper that can go through the printer, so I think I am going to manipulate my pattern pieces and try to get them onto as few sheets of printable fusing as possible. (I would rather save the “tracing step” but imagine I will spend an equal amount of time fiddling with the computer).

  2. RB says:

    Ditto to what stitchinggrandma said. I’m not good with mysteries either. But this one only took s browse through your pattern shop to make it onto my to do list. Sadly I’ve committed to finishing two of the eight quilts I’ve got in progress before I start another. I’m ever so good at starting! My sewing room looks like a UFO invasion!

  3. Mary Ann says:

    I sure do enjoy reading about all your doings in the UK . I am from the USA from the state of North Dakota.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    I just realized that I receive your newsletter so now I will also sign on to be a follower on your blog. I thought I was signed up for both.

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