Life Afloat! Sewing on a Boat! – Quilting Tips & Techniques 160

This video shows my Studio Afloat! on board a wide beam narrow boat in the UK for a period of time, plus some environmental shots. Where do you like to quilt?



About GourmetQuilter

My name is SusanClaire Mayfield and I live in a delightful old home in the country in New Zealand. I have been quilting for many years and have been designing quilting patterns for a long time now! I love to design and write patterns for quilts and bags and other quilt related items and now have quite a large range.
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7 Responses to Life Afloat! Sewing on a Boat! – Quilting Tips & Techniques 160

  1. deborah mazerolle says:

    Great video! I’m thinking I should move to a boat. I might be a more organized, neater, quilter!

    Debbie Mazerolle

    Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 21:12:23 +0000 To:

  2. Kate Kahana says:

    I so enjoy your videos! I feel as though we are old friends. You must be missing your beautiful studio by now. It seems as though you have been away for so long. Please continue to post. It’s so much fun seeing what you are up to!

  3. Anna says:

    Thank you so much for showing your life on the boat. What a wonderful adventure.

  4. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing your quilting life aboard a floating apartment. Must be so much fun!

  5. bunysanders says:

    What a super boat, great mini studio, the photos at the end are lovely,thanks for sharing, keep posting it is really very interesting and enjoyable following you blog!

  6. Mandy says:

    Hello Susan Claire. I recently stumbled across your tutorials on YouTube. I am a beginner sewer, don’t have a blog of my own but follow a dozen or so which give me inspiration and the drive to learn. Your YouTube tutorials are fabulous. You are such a good tutor and a warm hearted person. Thank you so much for your teaching, enthusiasm and lovely personality. I appreciate your efforts totally. Thank you again. Mandy -England x x x

  7. Elaine Adair says:

    Dear Susan: Thank you for the delightful tour – I’d like to know more about the BOAT! what kind is it? Is there someplace we could see a photo from the outside, or, is there a type, name, manufacturer, etc? I’ve watched and subscribed to your videos. I’m a long time quilter and wondered more about living on a boat/barge. DH’s grandmother grew up on a Dutch Canal Boat in Netherlands – intruguing. You said you were on the boat for a while – perhaps by this time, you’ve gone back to living on land. Elaine Adair in (landlocked and dry) Nebraska, USA

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