How to Simply Sash 5″ Squares – Quilting Tips & Techniques 054

In this video I show you how to sash between 5″ squares, a fun way to show off all those delicious fabric squares!


About GourmetQuilter

My name is SusanClaire Mayfield and I live in a delightful old home in the country in New Zealand. I have been quilting for many years and have been designing quilting patterns for a long time now! I love to design and write patterns for quilts and bags and other quilt related items and now have quite a large range.
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8 Responses to How to Simply Sash 5″ Squares – Quilting Tips & Techniques 054

  1. Tangalooma Beach Houses says:

    Hi SusanClaire,

    I was interested to see your post on this method of sashing and posts for blocks today. I and some friends are making a floating star quilt as a farewell present for a friend. I was trying to work out how to make it easy to sash each of the blocks to make a sashed quilt…and had already come up with your idea of making the sashing an integral part of the block..and had wondered why on earth I had never thought of it before…all the hours of getting long lines of sashing and posts to line tedious. And I was very happy that at long last I’d figured out an easier way to do it, purely out of necessity for this particular quilt being made by 8 different people in different parts of the city. I’ve not seen it in any of my books on quilting, and I have quite a few!

    I love the colours and the look of the fabrics you were using to make the demonstration quilt. I have a few baby quilts I need to make quickly, and I now have the inspiration for them. A quick trip to the quilt store for some bright 5 inch charm squares I think.

    Thank you again for your great videos. Your generosity in making them is fabulous.

    Very best regards

    Shaaryn Griffiths


  2. Hi Shaaryn, Great minds think alike! I don’t ever remember seeing it in a book either, just seems like a good idea, especially for larger quilts. Good luck with the baby quilts, they look so good done like that.

  3. Working today on sashing a quilt, and knew you did this video in February. Thank you again for your lessons!!

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  5. Ann says:

    I just was making a quilt for my new grandbaby, was concerned with sashing. You put my mind at ease and I am making it now. It looks so great. Thank you so very much! Keep on teaching! Thank you again, Ann

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